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  • AGE: 24
  • SHOE: 9.5
  • HEIGHT: 5'7"
  • WEIGHT: 150
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Brown
  • COCK SIZE: 6.5
  • CUT: YES
We love Eli! And you'll love Eli!

We had ourselves an incredibly fun on-location shoot in Portland, and Eli joined us there. Sometimes it can be a bit stressful for a new guy to come along for an on-location shoot, but Eli had no trouble at all with any of it - he settled in right way, was immediately comfortable with all of the other guys, and was immediately popular among everyone. It certainly helped that Eli was a fan of the site, so had at least some idea of what to expect, was familiar with the guys, and was as excited to be out filming with us as we were to be filming him.

Simply put, Eli is a natural on camera. He wanted to show off and have fun at CF, and it's obvious from the very start of his introductory solo he knew what he was doing and was here to have a good time. It was also obvious this young man is a total stud! Eli is wonderfully handsome, has a great body (waking up every morning at 5am to be working out and doing crossfit by 6am definitely does the trick for him!), a dusting of chest hair I know so many of you are going to enjoy, a great dick that looks incredible pointing skyward when rock-hard... he's the whole package!

You'll be seeing more of this young stud, and you're gonna love every bit of it!

Episodes Featuring Eli:

California Creamin'

01:27:47 Minutes & 77 Photos

Ripped 'n Raw In Rip City

01:23:38 Minutes & 75 Photos
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