Dean's List Challenge - Dawson & Rowan's Morning Fuck

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Dean's List Challenge - Dawson & Rowan's Morning Fuck

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Added: March 20, 2015 | Video Length: 22:56 Minutes | Photos: 32 Photos


With a boyish face, killer body, bad boy tattoos, a big uncut cock and stamina that doesn’t quit, Rowan is a clear candidate to be in the running for Dean’s List!

Rowan and Dawson take a romantic approach in their time together, with Dawson slowly kisses Rowan all over as Rowan’s erection visibly grows under his clothes. Sliding under the covers, Dawson blows Rowan and both men look so endearingly sexy.

Yet, as expected from these horny hunks, things heat up to a sizzling level as they get more turned on, and before long Dawson’s drilling Rowan with an intensity that can be seen in both their expressions. It’s hard to tell who looks better naked, as both their carefully crafted muscles ripple, but it’s definitely clear that they look great together! Rowan load shoots hard and fast and Dawson’s isn’t far behind!

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