Soaking Up San Diego - Jacob Creams Ellis

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Soaking Up San Diego - Jacob Creams Ellis

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Added: February 27, 2015 | Video Length: 23:29 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


While CF set up shop in San Diego years ago, we never actually did much in the way of filming there!  When we decided we were going to include San Diego among our 10th anniversary location shoots, we wanted to make the most of it and really soak in some great sights and take full advantage of being in this beautiful town.

Mind you, while we’re treated to some wonderful San Diego vistas at the outset of this episode, the best view is when Jacob and Ellis get in bed with one another and the sex starts.  Ellis is his ever-passionate self - hungry to get fucked and writhing around in anticipation - while Jacob is also incredibly horny, hard as a rock, and can’t wait for the fucking to start.

Jacob fucks Ellis hard and fast, and Ellis would not have had it any other way!


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