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  • AGE: 20
  • SHOE: 11
  • HEIGHT: 5'11''
  • WEIGHT: 165
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Hazel
  • COCK SIZE: 7.5
  • CUT: YES
Smith is 19 years old and likes to go fishing in his spare time– so insert the obligatory fishing pole joke here (or insert his fishing pole)!

Smith also likes to hike, and this outdoorsy guy first had sex when he was 16. A girl he worked with was really attracted to him, so they skipped school and fucked on his waterbed. They also did it in the wrestling room and the school parking lot. His friend saw them and brought a bunch of friends over to watch – so clearly Smith likes to be watched!

Smith used to wrestle and his girlfriend got turned on by seeing him in his singlet. They did it on the mat – which is giving me some ideas! His favorite position depends on the girl, but he loves doggy-style and missionary.

Smith says kissing his neck and grabbing his ass cheeks will get him off quicker than anything. The first time Smith jerked off, he was about 12 years old, and he still jerks off a lot, and either fantasizes about girls he's been with or porn. He likes porn where the girls are really dirty on camera.

Smith was a linebacker as well as a wrestler. He has a great body with thick biceps, muscled back and ass and broad shoulders. He also has nice abs and a lightly fuzzy chest.

Smith sits back and strokes his long cock. His dick curves up slightly. Smith stands up and grabs his ass as he jerks his cock. He sits back down and jerks his cock even faster. A thick jet of cum spurts out all over his abs and up to his chest.

Smith says he was thinking about a hot girl he used to fuck.

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