Kyler's Cubano

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Kyler's Cubano

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Added: January 17, 2022 | Video Length: 35:43 Minutes | Photos: 24 Photos


"You're in for a rough night!", Elian tells Kyler at the start of this! Kyler nervously laughs in response, but that smile on his face and that glint in his eye makes it clear he's excited to find out just what Roman and Elian have in store for him.

What they have in store is the kind of fuck Kyler likely never imagined he'd ever be on the receiving end of, much less enjoy so much. In fact, Kyler even mentioned after this episode was over that he wasn't sure he'd be able to finish it early on, but at about the halfway point found himself loving it and turned on beyond anything he'd thought possible.

Getting totally manhandled by Elian and Roman surely helped make this experience a hot one for Kyler - both of these top studs know how to treat a bottom and know how to deliver masterful fucks. Kyler's gotten to know Roman and Elian well, also, and embraced the opportunity to put himself completely at their mercy and let them do whatever they wanted to him, knowing it'd feel as good for him as them! And while we have to give Elian and Roman credit for those masterful fucks they deliver here, Kyler also deserves credit for taking it all like a champ. Kyler has to be one of the most sexually adventurous guys we've had at CF in awhile, and so he embraced getting totally dominated and used (though Elian and Roman didn't give him much of a choice!).

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