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Dru Fucks Austin

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Dru Fucks Austin

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Added: December 7, 2010 | Video Length: 20:30 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Sometimes the guys get what we call “shoot bromances” They see another guy at the shoot, they connect, hang out and become best buds before heading home. If they don't get to work together at that shoot or the next one, that bromance builds up into a tension that HAS to get relieved.

That tension been simmering between two of our hottest Dean's Listers, Dru and Austin for a while now. They've never been in a scene together, and it was clear they needed to release some pressure! They played volleyball outside in the field, getting hot and sweaty as they spiked balls at each other.

Once inside the bedroom, Austin couldn't stop playing with himself as Dru and I talked about the fact that they had so much chemistry together. And when it was time to get to the action, Austin was on Dru like a shot!

The passionate kissing between these guys never stops. Neither does the touching and rubbing. Dru loves Austin's bubble butt and big cock. Austin is rock hard before he gets out of his pants and into Dru's mouth.

It isn't just Austin's cock that comes alive under Dru's tongue. Austin's whole body responds like crazy to everything Dru does. He can't keep his hands off Dru's lean body and thick dick.

Dru kisses Austin's lips and shoulders, and sticks his finger deep in Austin's ass. He sucks Austin off as he teases his hole, faster and faster with his finger. Austin groans uncontrollably from the pleasure.

Austin straddles Dru to get sucked again and Dru teases his ass more more with his cockhead. Dru strokes their dicks together and pulls Austin's socks off, so he can suck his toes. Austin looks almost delirious at this point and sits on Dru's lap, their cocks rubbing together as they kiss intensely.

Neither guy can wait any more! Dru eases his long cock into Austin's hot ass. He hits the spot almost immediately! Austin yelps and moans as Dru penetrates all the way in. Dru smiles as he watches his buddy enjoy his cock so much.

Of course, this only makes Dru more determined! He jackhammers Austin's hole, faster and faster. Austin groans in ecstasy. He rolls up and over into a reverse cowboy without letting Dru's cock out of his hole for an instant!

Dru spikes his cock up deep into Austin. Austin's own fat cock stands stiff and straight up – so hard it barely bounces as Dru drills him! It's an amazingly hot moment. There's no doubt these guys are in the moment and thoroughly enjoying what's been denied them!

Dru's chest is flush, he's so turned on! As he moves Austin to a missionary position, he tells Austin he's going to fuck him until he comes. He fucks Austin harder and sucks his toes again. He pins Austin's arms down by his side and kisses him while fucking him.

Austin shoots a heavy, wet load on his ripped abs. He wants Dru's load in his mouth and Dru jumps up and blasts his own thick spray, in Austin's mouth and splattering down across his ear. Dru wipes it up and feeds his spunk to Austin.

I'd say letting this bromance come to fruition was well worth the wait.

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