Connor & Travis' Bi Tag Team

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Connor & Travis' Bi Tag Team

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Added: September 3, 2010 | Video Length: 18:04 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Want to start the Labor Day weekend off right? Welcome to some serious playtime with Connor, Travis and Delila! The three of them turn a bi tag team into a labor of lust that proves to be a multi-load extravaganza!

Connor naturally takes the lead, and kisses Travis, then Delila. They rub his muscular body and hard dick before getting him naked. He stands on the bed and they both suck his long cock. After a big mouthful of Connor's dick, Travis politely holds it for Delila. Travis is such a gentleman!

They take turns sucking Connor's cock. Delila laughs and says, “Uh-oh, I think we're going to have a deep throat competition.” She swallows his cock and Connor says she got pretty far down his long shaft.

Travis steps up to the plate and deep throats it. Connor says, “I think he got it all!” He gives Delila a second chance, which makes him even hornier and ready to get down to business.

As she gets her pants off, Travis kisses her passionately. Connor prepares to dive right in. He speedfucks her as she fills her mouth with Travis' cock. Connor fucks her while clasping her knees together, making it even tighter around his big dick. Travis says, “Fuck that pussy,” as Connor sucks his dick.

Connor pulls her up onto him. Travis stands over them, feeding Delila his cock. He gets down and sticks his dick in Connor's mouth. That makes Connor drill her even faster. She gasps and moans with pleasure.

Connor tells Travis he thinks its time he gets fucked. Travis takes Delila's place riding that long, thick cock. She bends down to suck Travis' dick as Connor plows his ass. Travis works up a sweat that makes every muscle in his ripped body shine. Connor gets him on his side, slamming into him from behind. She jerks Travis' cock and its only moments before he comes, yelling so loud I think some of the windows might have shattered!

He shoots one of his patented, Travis-sized loads. That sets Connor off. He pounds Travis harder, then pulls out and comes all over Travis' cock and stomach. They kiss, but Connor's not done yet. He immediately says he needs to come with Delila … and jumps up and starts fucking her!

Travis jerks himself as he watches Connor lay on top of her, thrusting into her deeply. Incredibly, it doesn't take long before Connor is shooting a second load all over Delila's ass. Travis sprays his abs with yet more jets of cum! Connor comments there was a lot of energy flying around, and all three of them head for the shower.

In the bonus shower scene, they joke and help wash each other up. When they see a bottle of lube in the shower, they start talking about another round! Delila says that Round Three needs to be her putting on a strap-on and bending both of them over.

Connor says he'd do it! I don't think we want to wait for next Labor Day for that scene! Maybe we can get an early Christmas present out of him ...

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